Tackling Water and Wastewater Management

Pumping systems undergo a lot of wear and tear. Interruptions or downtime can be time-consuming, expensive and potentially disruptive to the local delivery of a critical service.

While you might currently monitor and control which pumps are running or how much diesel is used, most systems don’t give you insight into the actual health of the pump (temperature, vibration…).

This puts you in a constant reactive mode and makes anticipating downtime and failures nearly impossible.

Optimizing With Advanced Insights

We can help you optimize your existing water and wastewater management facilities by retrofitting your existing infrastructure with state-of-the-art IoT technology.

We enrich your sensor data with relevant external and historical data to generate the predictions needed to prevent failure and downtime, as well as identify preventative maintenance opportunities.

If you don’t have the right sensors, we can install easy-to-implement and low-cost remote monitors that will generate the critical data you need to optimize your existing systems.

A Straightforward Process

Ready to go from Reactive to Pre-emptive?

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