The HVAC Impact

Buildings are responsible for 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, over 50% of those emissions come from HVAC systems.

Inefficient HVAC systems continue to increase energy waste and make your tenants unhappy with uneven cooling and heating.

Making HVACs Smarter @ Zero Capital Cost

We make your HVAC system smarter by giving it a brain.

BrainBox AI is the world’s most advanced AI Technology for commercial HVAC.

Using deep learning, cloud-based computing, BrainBox AI autonomously optimizes existing HVAC systems in real time for maximum impact on energy consumption, carbon footprint and building operations.

At no initial cost, BrainBox AI is deployed for a period of 2 months to learn about the building. In the third month BrainBox AI starts its optimization and energy saving algorithms and customers see the impact imemdiately.

Greener Results In 3 Months

Decrease in Energy Costs
Decrease in Carbon Footprint
Improvement in Occupant Comfort


Find out how a major brand hotel decreased their carbon footprint by 35% with Brainbox AI

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